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Bioinformatics for the Extraordinary

You persist until you are satisfied. You demand more from yourself, your team, and your bioinformatics services.

You didn’t set out to do ordinary science. Neither did we.

Advaita software powers extraordinary research.

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Unsatisfied with the usual options? Demand Advaita’s Extraordinary Quality & Ease

“The ultimate purpose of life science experiments is to produce biological knowledge not numbers.”

Sorin Draghici, Ph.D., Advaita’s Founder

Your omics data is valuable, as is your time. You are involved in the study and understanding of disease and/or the discovery of molecules and treatments. You want to take advantage of the most advanced data analytics, AI, and/or modelling.

Core facilities, service providers, enterprise bioinformatics teams, and researchers come to us because they are not satisfied with the insights generated or the ease of use of their bioinformatics software.

Come to Advaita if you seek software that you can trust, with quality, accuracy, and an extensive and always growing knowledgebase. Come to Advaita if you need usability and flexibility in licensing.

See why we have earned the trust of scientists worldwide. We guarantee you will get value from your investment in Advaita software. Learn more about Our Extraordinary Promise.

Our Extraordinary Promise

Extraordinary Insight

“…a highly renowned collaborator proclaim[ed] I had given him the Bioinformatics analysis he had been hoping to get for 20 years or so. My aim is to provide a set of testable hypotheses to clients, not simply a list of genes. iPathwayGuide fits that bill extremely well in my opinion.”

– Dr. Ben Harrison, University of Louisville – Bioinformatics Core

Extraordinary Quality

“I love using iPathwayGuide for my RNA-seq data analysis. Its extensive knowledge base provides me with accurate results, very quickly. I find the figures to be clear and appealing.”

– Ian Chu, Researcher, UT Southwestern

Extraordinary Collaboration

“My students can probably take five datasets, get them uploaded, and run within an hour. That is productivity.”

– Doug Dluzen, Morgan State University (read more)

Extraordinary Storytelling

“And Advaita will very, very quickly get you into the crux of what’s going on…So, it does tell a story. And that is an essential capability.”

– Gary Hardiman, Queen’s University Belfast (read more)

Our Solutions

Each of our customers uses one or more of the following products to address their individual challenges.

pathway analysis software for RNASeq analysis Advaitabio

Multi-Omics Pathway Analysis

From bulk RNA-seq to single cell, from proteomics to epigenetics, our platform delivers powerful insights. Biologists depend on our state-of-the-art pathway analysis, gene ontology analysis, upstream regulator predictions, and meta-analysis to understand their experiments.

A New Era of Knowledge-Driven Discoveries

iKB is a knowledge base including highly curated, high-quality, pre-analyzed data about specific phenotypes and contrasts. These analyses include all aspects covered by iPathwayGuide. These can be used individually, or by combining with one’s data in customized meta-analyses.

variant analysis software AdvaitaBio

Identify & Prioritize Causal Mutations

Annotate and filter VCFs to identify rare, causal, clinically significant variants. Predict effects, impacted pathways and gene ontology terms. Allow customers to explore by sharing the browsable analysis.

biological analysis software AdvaitaBio

Search Several Databases, All At Once

Find related genes, microRNAs, pathways, biological processes, drugs, diseases, and references. We’ve created Google for scientists bringing >108 biological relationships to your fingertips for free.

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We serve life scientists and bioinformatics analysts who work in core facilities, service providers, enterprise bioinformatics teams, and as principal investigators. Institutions all over the world trust Advaita Software – see where they are.
Our customers trust us to help them find extraordinary insight in their gene expression data.
You, too, can be among the scientists who rely on us for extraordinary bioinformatics.

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iPathwayGuide is widely cited in high-impact publications such as:
Cell Stem Cell, Cancer Research, Diabetes, and many more.

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