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Our software tools help principal investigators, core facilities, and enterprise bioinformatics teams analyze gene expression data (e.g. RNA-Seq or microarray) and variant data (e.g. DNA-Seq) to find biomarkers, identify impacted pathways, and pinpoint putative mechanisms. Currently, this frustrating process is slow, unreliable, expensive, and often requires multiple disjointed tools, which then provide irrelevant or incorrect results. While other solutions drop a haystack of results on you, we lead you straight to the needle.

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BioinformaticsYou want to provide the very best results possible, yet you lack time, personnel and funds to perform the analysis that would satisfy your needs. You could turn to free software. However, this likely means you are using black-box capabilities and/or outdated annotations and analytical functionality, with no way to get support. Plus, you often need to weave together multiple packages that do not line up between inputs and outputs, jeopardizing the integrity of your results. This is all compounded by the constant shift in support personnel who often perform the analytical work for you. Once these people have moved on, there is no real audit trail of their work, requiring you to start over to continue their work. This is costly, and wastes time, money, and intellectual energy. You deserve better.
BioinformaticsService providers face a dilemma. On one hand you want to provide the best service that you can for their customers. On the other hand, frequent requests for changes can take up time without bringing in more revenue. The more you do for customers, the higher their satisfaction, but the less profitable the relationship becomes. You need a way to provide optimal, streamlined service and yet empower your customer to drill down on their own results, thus eliminating requests for re-analysis. This is not easy– it requires power, flexibility, and ease that other solutions simply do not offer.
BioinformaticsYou’re tasked with distilling mountains of data into simple, actionable insights for multiple projects, with limited time, people, and money. You need to quickly find the needle in the haystack and deliver it effectively in a way that makes sense to your life science collaborators. But, you don’t have the right tools to do that. You can trust our results because they integrate multiple independent forms of evidence and cleverly use not only the content, but the structure of the information in our knowledgebase. Your team will love the comprehensive capabilities you can give them to efficiently and effectively do their jobs.

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Each of our customers uses one or more of the following products to address their individual challenges.

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Import your RNA-Seq data and identify significant pathways and mechanisms
without all the noise found
in other approaches.

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Import your VCF file and identify causal variants and biological
impact in minutes leveraging a systems biology approach.

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Google for Scientists!
28,353,480 references, 7,705,042  interactions, and 401,213 supporting experiments at your fingertips for free.

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“I love using iPathwayGuide for my RNA-seq data analysis. Its extensive knowledge base provides me with accurate results, very quickly. I find the figures to be clear and appealing.”

Ian Chu, Ph.D.
UT Southwestern – Pharmacology

“iPathwayGuide is one of best tools I ever used as a Bioinformatics Scientist, at this point I have made hundreds of analysis on it. It is easy to use, easy to share with clients – and that is one of best feature – the design of results are informative and simple to understand and the figures the tool makes can go directly to a publication. This almost make you forget that what is really impressive is the statistical method used that add much value to your System Level Analyses.”

William Da Silveira, Ph.D., Bioinformatics Scientist
Medical University of South Carolina, Center for Genomics Medicine

“Since we acquired iPathwayGuide, it has become my main analysis tool for signaling pathways. It is both most powerful and among the easiest-to-use software for pathway analysis of gene list obtained from microarray experiments of which I am aware.”

Dr. Richard Friedman
Columbia University

“…a highly renowned collaborator proclaim[ed] I had given him the Bioinformatics analysis he had been hoping to get for 20 years or so. My aim is to provide a set of testable hypotheses to clients, not simply a list of genes. iPathwayGuide fits that bill extremely well in my opinion.”

Dr. Ben Harrison
University of Louisville – Bioinformatics Core

iPathwayGuide is widely cited in high-impact publications such as:
Cell Stem Cell, Cancer Research, Diabetes, and many more.

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