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Multi-omics Pathway Analysis Platform developed for life science researchers that analyzes your data with unrivaled speed and accuracy, empowering you to craft compelling narratives and share your results with anyone at no additional cost.

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Top 5 Analysis Challenges that iPathwayGuide solves


A GUI designed for life scientists, IPG is consistently rated easier to use and understand compared to the alternatives. We provide a cleaner interface for life scientists so they can engage with the results instead of relying on bioinformaticians, who may not have all the insights behind the experiments.

“…a highly renowned collaborator proclaim[ed] I had given him the Bioinformatics analysis he had been hoping to get for 20 years or so. My aim is to provide a set of testable hypotheses to clients, not simply a list of genes. iPathwayGuide fits that bill extremely well in my opinion.” – Dr. Ben Harrison, University of Louisville – Bioinformatics Core


Our proprietary impact analyses pinpoint the impacted pathways with fewer false positives by considering the position and role of all genes on each pathway, as well as the direction and type of all their interactions.

“I love using iPathwayGuide for my RNA-seq data analysis. Its extensive knowledge base provides me with accurate results, very quickly. I find the figures to be clear and appealing.” – Ian Chu, Researcher, UT Southwestern


A complete, multi- dimensional analysis is ready in minutes after you upload your data.

“When we have many comparisons, so let’s say in situations we have like over 20 comparisons for one study, then we launched them in a batch. This is very useful because I can submit them programmatically using the API instead of setting everything manually.” This saves a great deal of time and dramatically increases the productivity of our group.” – Bogdan Doan, PhD


More cost effective than using “free” software. When evaluating cost, include the lost time from poor results, primitive interfaces, piecing together multiple and incompatible solutions, and lost know-how due to staff turnover.

“Advaita is more cost effective than competitive products and, for the output, it does saves a lot of time. You don’t have to come up with your own report, write-up and conclusions. It does a superior job of finishing the analysis for you. It’s just better.” – Wei Chen


Share your data with anyone on the planet, at no extra charge.

“My students can probably take five datasets, get them uploaded, and run within an hour. That is productivity.” – Doug Dluzen, Morgan State University

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