Join us at ABRF 2019!
See our Technology Showcase
Event on Monday at 6PM!

Win the new Apple Watch! Enjoy refreshments! Learn why a higher price does not equal more capabilities!

A Rolex will never tell you the weather, measure your heart rate, or play your favorite music. 

Your NGS experiment needs accurate and capable analysis tools. Valuable and accurate results do not necessarily mean
spending a lot of money.

Technology Showcase Title: Next-Gen Analysis of Genomic Variants, Differential Gene Expression and Proteomics Data

Date and Time: Monday, March 25, 6PM to 7PM

Room: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, Room 210AB

As a scientist, you should not buy jewelry for your experiment.

Do you have to wait days to identify biomarkers?
    Do it in minutes!

Are you getting hundreds of “statistically significant” biological processes?
    Get the few relevant ones instead! 

Are you getting ranked lists of pathways names only?
    See actual chains of perturbation propagation on each pathway instead! 

Are you getting spaghetti balls when looking for mechanisms?
    Identify precise and manageable mechanisms for any chosen relevant biological process instead!