iBioGuide – Exploring relationships within biology.

iBioGuideTM lets you explore the Advaita knowledge base. Constructed with over 100 million biological relationships, iBioGuide lets you find relationships that may be insightful. Search for any term and find related genes, microRNAs, pathways, biological processes, molecular functions, cellular components, drugs, diseases, and references.  See which microRNAs target certain genes, or what genes are responsible for specific regulatory processes.



Over 195,000 genes with detailed descriptions, aliases and links to NCBI.

biological analysis software AdvaitaBio


Thousands of diseases with ICD-10 classifications and annotated genes, pathways, and drugs.

biological analysis software AdvaitaBio

GO Terms

40,000 GO terms covering Biological processes, Molecular functions, and Cellular Components with annotated genes, ancestor charts, and more.

pathway analysis software for RNASeq analysis Advaitabio


Over 5,000 microRNAs and their targets and relationships to pathways.

pathway analysis software AdvaitaBio


Search hundreds of pathways and model drug, miRNA, and drug targets.

biological analysis software AdvaitaBio


Over 3 million annotated PubMed references.

biological analysis software AdvaitaBio


4,300 drugs annotated to genes and pathways.

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