iKnowledge Base

A New Era of Knowledge-Driven Discoveries With Curated Research

Product Overview

iKB is a collection of data that has been carefully selected, organized, and maintained by Advaita’s experts in specific fields such as Cancer, Maternal and Fetal Health, and Covid-19. iKB offers customizable functions and analysis tools for research accurate and up-to-date data, which eliminates having to sift through vast amounts of unorganized or unreliable information. The curated database is sourced from reputable scientific publications, academic organizations, and specialized platforms. iKB undergoes rigorous data extraction, cleansing, classification, and standardization processes to ensure accuracy and consistency.

iKB has several advantages and it is beneficial in various ways.
Here are some reasons why curated databases are valuable.

Trustworthy, Comprehensive, and Specialized Data

Access diverse and accurate information, including tissue profiles, that is continuously monitored by Advaita’s experts for reliable insights in specific domains like Cancer, Maternal and Fetal Health, and Covid-19.

Integrate and Save Time on Analyses

Easily integrate and compare data from various sources using iKB’s consistent formats, annotations, and ontologies—enhancing data interoperability and cross-referencing.


iKB aggregates data from various sources, offering comprehensive coverage in specific domains, allowing users to explore a wide range of data points and make connections.

Measure Performance and Improve Quality

Drive quality improvement initiatives in healthcare by analyzing your own data’s performance against iKB’s data for performance measurement and benchmarking, enhancing patient care, quality and safety.

Improve Public Health and Policy Planning

Focus on specific pharmaceutical drugs and their applications, as well as diseases and outbreaks, to plan for interventions. Make evidence-based and informed choices in business or policy, ensuring effective decision making in the healthcare industry.

Research and

iKB serves as a valuable resource for researchers, enabling exploration of existing data, identification of patterns, generation of hypotheses, and support for scientific investigations.