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Next-gen pathway analysis using Advaita’s proprietary “Impact Analysis” method to identify significant pathways without all the noise found in other approaches. iPathwayGuide provides publication-ready results in minutes.

AdvaitaBio Bioinformatics' proprietary impact pathway analysis
pathway analysis software for RNASeq analysis Advaitabio

Gene Analysis

Access up-to-date gene annotations including miRNAs, biological processes, cellular components, pathways, SNPs, drugs, diseases, etc. iPathwayGuide provides a user-friendly interface to investigate the genes of your interests, saving valuable time and effort. Our gene annotations come from many public data sources, as well as literature mining. Our literature knowledge base is updated daily and may include recent papers that are not yet available from NCBI. When was your pathway analysis platform last updated?

Pathway Analysis

Eliminate false positives and correctly identify significantly impacted true positive pathways! Our proprietary Impact Analysis quickly identifies the significantly impacted pathways based on two forms of evidences: Over Representation Analysis, and Perturbation Analysis. All other pathway analysis approaches consider the pathways as simply sets of genes ignoring the biological processes that the pathways are meant to describe. iPathwayGuide is the only pathway analysis tool that uses a system biology approach and includes in the analysis the type, function and interactions between the genes on all pathways.

pathway analysis software for RNASeq analysis Advaitabio

Gene Ontology (GO) Analysis

Other GO analysis platforms are likely to give you hundreds of significant p-values, most of which completely uninformative.  Our proprietary analysis includes high specificity and least common denominator pruning methods that will take you straight to the handful of processes that really matter. Customize figures, from content to colors, and download publication-ready graphics straight from the software!

Predicted miRNA Analysis

You think micro-RNAs (miRNAs) may play a role in your phenotype? Save lots of money and precious time by avoiding a separate miRNA assay!  iPathwayGuide can predict micro RNA  activity from your existing mRNA or protein abundance data.

This analysis allows you to identify miRNAs that may be active in your conditions, identify targets, and generate new hypotheses. Ask us to show you some real data results!


Disease Analysis

iPathwayGuide analysis includes finds enriched diseases under the ICD-10 classification.

Quickly zoom in on groups of diseases and see significantly expressed genes from your data that are annotated to each disease. Choose from a variety of correction factors including FDR. Identify and explore annotated genes, references, and more.


iPathwayGuide is the only platform that allows for a meta-analysis across multiple conditions and/or data types. Effortlessly perform multi-omics experiments! See methylation, mRNA and protein abundance data on the same pathway! See gene expression changes over multiple time points in a pathway animation!

Quickly identify genes, pathways, micro RNAs, GO terms, or diseases that may be in common or unique across your data. You can even build custom meta-analyses based on other data sets you may already have.


iPathwayGuide brings the most advanced pathway analysis platform to you. Unlike other pathway analysis approaches that assume all genes to be independent, iPathwayGuide considers the size, role, and position of each gene on the pathway as it models high-throughput sequencing data. This advanced approach allows users to quickly prioritize targets and pathways, avoiding false positive and false negative results.

AdvaitaBioBio pathway analysis meta analysis