iVariantGuide – Advanced Variant Analysis with a systems biology perspective.

iVariantguide allows you to quickly analyze and interpret your VCF file with publication-ready visualizations. Single sample, Tumor/Normal, Pedigree, and Group v. Group.

variant analysis software AdvaitaBio
variant analysis software AdvaitaBio

Prioritize Variants

Quickly and effortlessly prioritize your variant list based on your criteria. Choose from a variety of filters including: variant class, pathogenicity, allele frequency, and more. Create custom filter sets that allow you to rapidly set the list of variants you want to investigate.

Real-Time Filtering

iVariantGuide allows you to filter your data in real-time. No longer do you have to guess at which filters are most meaningful to you. Your data updates as you explore it allowing you to see relationships that might otherwise be missed.

variant analysis software AdvaitaBio
variant analysis software AdvaitaBio

Identify Rare Variants

iVariantGuide gives you the tools to identify rare variants quickly. Filter your data based on population allele frequencies in 1000 Genomes.

Causal Variants

With iVariantGuide you can quickly identify variants that may be responsible for the observed phenotype. These causal relationships may come from a range of sources: from clinical significance to prediction of effect, to impacted pathways. iVariantGuide doesn’t limit your choices.

variant analysis software AdvaitaBio

Clinical Significance

If a variant has already been identified as pathogenic or likely pathogenic, you should know about it. iVariantGuide will identify these clinically significant variants of interest, and provide resources to investigate them like OMIM, MedGen, SNOMED, and more.

Prediction of Effect

iVariantGuide allows you to see the predicted effect of variants at the transcript level such as frame shifts and codon changes. The effects can differ depending on the genomic context of the variant. With iVariantGuide, these changes are automatically calculated and presented for further investigation.

variant analysis software AdvaitaBio
variant analysis software AdvaitaBio

Pathway Impact

iVariantGuide brings a systems biology perspective to your data. It allows you to understand how variants could interact with a variety of components within the biological system. Not only can you visualize which genes and pathways are being impacted, but you can also identify possible miRNAs and druggable targets.

GO Impact

Similar to Pathway Impacts, iVariantGuide gives you tools to see what ontology terms are also impacted based on their annotated genes. This complementary systems biology perspective allows you to see which biological processes, molecular functions and cellular components are impacted and their relationships to other systems.


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