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Advaita Bionformatics partners to enable meaningful multi-omic analysis for researchers, service providers, and core facilities.

Advaita Bioinformatics has both reseller partners and referral partners.

Resellers are organizations that are interested in reselling Advaita Bioinformatics products to other organizations or individuals.  These organizations are eligible for discounts on the product (cost basis) and can sell the products to their customers at any price they choose.

Referral Partners are organizations that want to provide lead opportunities to Advaita Bioinformatics so that we can sell to these organizations.  These organizations are eligible for a referral fee should the organization actually license our products.

We provide our partners with all of the resources that they need to register opportunities, properly position our products and  answer customer questions.  And, in the case of we provide reseller partners all the resources to handle all of the needs of the reseller sales organization including lead generation materials, sales presentations, competitive comparisons, video demos, marketing collateral, recorded webinars and other materials.

Advaita Bioinformatics Partners Include

AdvaitaBio Bioinformatics Customers and Partners
AdvaitaBio Bioinformatics Customers and Partners
Advaita Bioinformatics Partner
Advaita Bioinformatics Partner

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About Advaita Bioinformatics

We are a leader in the interpretation of high-throughput biomedical data including variant interpretation, pathway analysis, disease subtype discovery and integration of multiple data types. Currently, 9 of the top 10 pharma companies rely on Advaita’s state-of-the-art algorithms to solve complex problems. Advaita provides a suite of advanced analysis software to more that 13,000 registered users worldwide: iPathwayGuide, for functional interpretation of genes and proteins; iVariantGuide, for genetic variant analysis; and iBioGuide, a search engine revealing connections between genes, pathways, SNPs, drugs, and more.