Improve the Quality of your Pathway Analysis with iPathwayGuide

Why Use iPathwayGuide

  • Leverage the most sensitive and specific pathway analysis methods, validated by comparison of known-cause phenotypes (approach, main finding)
  • Share meaningful, interpretable results with remote collaborators.
  • Focus on your research rather than curating the immense and growing literature of potential pathways and interactions.
  • Empower researchers supported by your core facility with easy-to-use tools that they can dig into.

Research labs, core facilities, and CROs rely on iPathwayGuide to deliver interactive pathway and transcriptome analysis and allow them to spend more time generating insights and less on digging through dead-end results, fiddling with figures, formatting in Excel, and updating databases and software.

iPathwayGuide provides cloud analysis of your RNA seq and other ‘omics data with intuitive visualizations and interactive results, easily shared within a global research collaboration. Your comprehensive analysis—including pathways, gene ontology, upstream regulators, drugs, networks, and more—draws on an up-to-date knowledgebase of annotations and literature, curated for you by the Advaita Bioinformatics team.

Get more, quickly, from your ‘omics data through iPathwayGuide’s multifaceted analysis.

Example Network Analysis

Image of an example pathway analysis result

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What We Hear

We have earned the trust of bioinformatics core staff and individual researchers. Read why they use iPathwayGuide:

Advaita will very, very quickly get you into the crux of what’s going on.

Gary Hardiman, Professor, Biological Science, Queens University

I love using iPathwayGuide for my RNA-seq data analysis. Its extensive knowledge base provides me with accurate results, very quickly. I find the figures to be clear and appealing.

Ian Chu, Researcher, UT Southwestern

iPathwayGuide gives a lot of information on different pathways and how they cross react with each other. For example, if you are neuroscientist or immunologist or something else, you may not pay attention to other pathways that could be involved in some other areas. But you do with this iPathwayGuide.

They put all these pathways together. It can actually trigger your thinking in different directions that you never thought about it before. When you look at cross connection of different pathways, it could make new opportunities for your drug discovery. I think it is essential to have this, yes.

Arevik Mosoian, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Skin Axis

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Our software tools help principal investigators, core facilities, and enterprise bioinformatics teams analyze gene expression data (e.g. RNA-Seq or microarray) and variant data (e.g. DNA-Seq) to find biomarkers, identify impacted pathways, and pinpoint putative mechanisms. Currently, this frustrating process is slow, unreliable, expensive, and often requires multiple disjointed tools, which then provide irrelevant or incorrect results. While other solutions drop a haystack of results on you, we lead you straight to the needle.

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