Covid19 Forum Project Overview A Call to Action to Fight COVID-19

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    COVID-19 has grown into a global pandemic that is threatening to profoundly affect our society, our financial stability and way of life. This is a time to get together and try to mount a collective effort to limit the impact of this virus, as well as help the people affected.

    AdvaitaBio’s platform, iPathwayGuide, was designed to help researchers such as yourself address a number of research questions. Among these, our capabilities include helping you understand the mechanisms of disease and identifying existing drugs that could be repurposed to treat a given disease. This platform can be successfully applied to COVID-19. Our platform can be used to analyzed mRNA, protein, methylation, and many other types of data, individually and in combination.

    This is a call to all scientists that have access to any relevant data.

    If you have COVID 19 samples and can generate any type of ‘omics data, we want to work with you! We are building an international network of scientists who want to fight COVID-19. Please use these forums to find other scientist with whom you can collaborate and share resources to fight the global pandemic. Refer to the Introduction at the top of the main page for instructions on how best to post your capabilities, resources, and needs in order to be discoverable by potential partners.

    As our own contribution, we will be happy to analyze your COVID-19 data, as well as contribute our expertise, at NO COST. Given good data, we can identify mechanisms of action, biological processes implicated, molecular functions affected, etc. Based on these we can potentially identify existing or experimental drugs that might help. We also have powerful meta-analysis capabilities that could be used to compare the effects of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) with SARS-CoV-1, and other related viruses.

    We have a great team of PhD-level bioinformaticians with decades of experience, including as directors of bioinformatics cores at top-tier institutions. Our platform implements state-of-the-art analysis methods backed by thousands of citations. We also have a knowledgebase integrating genes, proteins, drugs and chemicals, signaling and metabolic pathways, microRNAs, GO terms and many millions of scientific papers. Let’s join our resources and expertise together.

    Our platform is cloud-based so you can use it from anywhere in the world, anytime. This offers quality, convenience, and social distancing benefits. Data and results can also be shared (at no cost) with any other researcher, anywhere. Let us put all these capabilities to good use to tame this beast!

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