Customer Stories


Case Study: Queens University

Gary Hardiman is a Professor, School of Biological Science at Queens University. Gary began using Advaita’s iPathwayGuide at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). He knew of Advaita from array work that was done a while back and was impressed with the founder and the company. When he moved back to Ireland, he decided to bring iPathwayGuide with him.


Case Study: SkinAxis

SkinAxis is a biotech company that provides advanced testing technology for skin research. The company focuses on testing, measuring, and monitoring active ingredients for, among other things, antiaging, spot removal and hydration. Pathway analysis is essential to the services it provides to its customers in the cosmetics, biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, and diagnostics industries.

What We Hear

“Pathway analysis, in general, is using curated data. It’s curated by somebody else, typically. It is complicated and difficult for an individual organization to keep up-to-date on all of these curated pathways and annotations. The idea that Advaita is going to deal with that, really enables us to focus on some of the more nuanced bioinformatics and not have to deal with that complexity.”

Bioinformatics Core Director, R1 Research University

“iPathwayGuide is far superior to anything else I’ve seen. Your data gets uploaded, gets analyzed up on the cloud, and then you can actually share the results of that with anyone anywhere on the planet.

And that’s very, very nice because it means you’re not hunched over one physical computer in a defined location or you’re not doing it with complex licensing so that other people can see the analysis. For me, that was key.”

Professor, Biological Science, University in UK

“Your customer service is impeccable, I told the researcher that most likely you would be getting back to me in the morning. You are always super-fast – thank you.”

Bioinformatician, R1 Research University

“iPathwayGuide is so usable that researchers can actually interact with the data directly. They don’t have to go through a bioinformatic analyst….

If we’ve got a tool that helps those researchers do the research with more independence, that’s the tool that we want everybody to be using.”

Bioinformatics Core Director, R1 Research University

“Advaita will very, very quickly get you into the crux of what’s going on.”

Professor, Biological Science, University in UK

“iPathwayGuide gives a lot of information on different pathways and how they cross react with each other. For example, if you are neuroscientist or immunologist or something else, you may not pay attention to other pathways that could be involved in some other areas. But you do with this iPathwayGuide.

They put all these pathways together. It can actually trigger your thinking in different directions that you never thought about it before. When you look at cross connection of different pathways, it could make new opportunities for your drug discovery. I think it is essential to have this, yes.”

Chief Science Officer, CRO

“I really like the visuals. I interact with and collaborate with a lot of people that aren’t bio-statisticians by background. And the way the data is presented to non-specialists is something that allows them to see what’s going on in a very intuitive way. iPathwayGuide tells them a story. It is a wonderful story-telling bioinformatics product.”

Professor, Biological Science, University in UK