Getting Started with iPathwayGuide

1.    iPathwayGuide expects the following three items in your differential expression input file:

  • Gene Symbol
  • Log Fold Change
  • P-value (adjusted P-value recommended)

2.    iPathwayGuide accepts several file formats for RNA-Seq, microarrays, and proteomic profiling.  Refer to the full list of accepted data formats on the next page.
3.    Submit the entire list of genes, not just the significant genes.
This is important because we need to calculate the background to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your data without false positives.

4.    You will have the opportunity to customize thresholds for the significant genes after you upload.

5.    Each dataset takes about 15 minutes to analyze.  You will get an automated email as soon as your analysis is complete.

6.    Don’t have your data ready?  We have sample datasets available for each data format.  Grab a sample file and try it… it’s easy!

7.    Uploading data is easy.  Here are two quick video tutorials on how to upload data.

Step-by-step guide on uploading data

How to customize thresholds and select D.E. genes

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