Uploading data:

iVariantGuide accepts variant call files meeting the following criteria:

Type: .vcf OR .vcf.gz
Size: .vcf less than 100MB, vcf.gz under 20MB
Version: .vcf 4.1 or later
Assembly: reference genomes hg19 (GRCh37) or GRCh38

Creating analyses:

Start in the top right corner of your reports page. You may create a report from one of your available samples or upload a new sample.
Click upload to add a new sample. Browse to select your VCF and choose the reference genome assembly. Once your data is uploaded and pre-processing is complete, summary statistics appear on your screen. If you are satisfied, enter a title and description and click create.


You will automatically receive an email as soon as your analysis is complete. When the status bar is green, your report is ready to start exploring!


You may enable a public link to share with anyone or enter an individual email address to send a private link.