iVariantGuide Commercial Release Notes


The Commercial Release of iVairantGuide is here! With this commercial release we now have the following enhancements from the last Beta:

  • Redesigned uploading and intake navigation work flow with onboarding queues
  • Improved navigation and selection on visual filters/graphs
  • Improved sharing capabilities:
    • View share history
    • autofill prompts for often-used email addresses
    • Ability to associate filter presets to shared report
    • Ability to associate filter presets to public link (anyone can see what you see)
  • Improved tooltips and onboarding
  • Improved pathway and GO analysis with p-value ranking and advanced correction factors
  • UI improvement
  • User profile page
  • API credentials
  • Initial API (Premium Feature)
  • Printable Summary (Premium Feature)
  • Improved Pathway and GO Analysis (Premium Feature)
  • Harmonization of labeling and naming conventions
  • Numerous bug fixes and security enhancements
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