The Science of iVariantGuide

Figure 1: A Typical Variant Analysis Pipeline. There are many pipelines and workflows that can take your sequence data from FastQ/FastA to a variant call file or .vcf as shown in Figure [...]

The Science of iVariantGuide2018-10-13T17:01:40-04:00

Using iBioGuide

iBioGuide is a free browser and search tool based on Advaita’s extensive knowledge base of over 100 million relationships. Search for any term and find all the related genes, microRNAs, pathways, biological processes, molecular functions, [...]

Using iBioGuide2018-08-26T18:49:43-04:00

iPathwayGuide – Meta Analysis

iPathwayGuide's powerful meta-analysis tool allows you to compare and contrast upto 5 differential experiments at the same time. With meta-analysis, you can rapidly identify several characteristics of your phenotype comparisons and drill down to [...]

iPathwayGuide – Meta Analysis2018-08-26T10:38:05-04:00
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