Advaita BioinformaticsDr. Vanciu’s research interests are in system security, software maintenance and program comprehension. As part of his Ph.D. work at Wayne State University, he designed and developed an approach for finding security vulnerabilities in applications written in Java-like code, with an emphasis on Android applications. The approach focuses on finding vulnerabilities that are architectural flaws, such as misuse of cryptography, which are more difficult to find by existing fully automated approaches that identify only localized coding bugs among which are hard-coded password and unsafe system calls. Since he joined the Advaita team, Dr. Vanciu applies his expertise to improve the development process, lower the cost of code maintenance, as well as ensure and improve the quality of web-applications that support the analysis of gene-expression data. Such web-applications need to be secure to ensure data confidentiality, and highly flexible in order to quickly and safely adapt to the continuous enhancements required by our customers.