Release Notes – Winter 2018

On January 12, 2018, Advaita released a major updates to its platform, with improvements to iPathwayGuide, iVariantGuide, and iBioguide.


The Advaita Knowledgebase was updated to version 1711 and now includes:

  • 3 organisms: homo sapiens, mus musculus, rattus norvegicus
  • 213,390 Genes
  • 1,933 Diseases
  • 44,976 GO terms
  • 4,791 Drugs
  • 955 Pathways
  • 5,710 miRNAs
  • 3,161,730 References

For a complete list of databases and versions, please see report information within each application.


  • iVariantGuide: API Client now accepts multi-sample analyses
  • Improvements to account registration page to ensure proper organization affiliation.


  • iPathwayGuide: Improvements to parsing of CuffDiff-formatted files to maintain association of phenotype labels. Fold changes and p-value parsing remains untouched.
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