On February 27, 2017, Advaita released a major updates to its platform. These are the release notes.

IMPROVEMENTS TO: iPathwayGuide, iVariantGuide, iBioguide, and the Advaita Knowledge Base

  • Changes to AWS services in preparation for HIPAA compliance
  • Updated knowledge base to version Advaita KB v1702, which includes the following data sources and versions:
Database Version iPG Annotations iVG Annotations
KEGG Release 81.0+/01-20, Jan 17​ Pathways, Diseases, Drugs​ Pathways
Gene Ontology ​2016-Sep26 GO Terms GO Terms
Targetscan Targetscan v7.1 miRNA Target Genes miRNA Target Genes
MIRBASE MIRBASE v21,06/14 miRNA Sequences
dbSNP (incl 1k genomes) Build 149 Minor Allele freq.
RefSeq Release 71 July 2016 Impacted Transcripts
ClinVar Dec 1, 2016 Clinical Significance
​SNPEff ​v4.1L Predicted Impact


  • NEW FEATURE! Onboarding carousel with top user benefits
  • NEW FEATURE! API (Premium feature)
  • Bug fix: genes selected in Genes Table on Pathways page are now highlighted on pathway map


  • Improved error messaging for sample upload & report creation
  • NEW FEATURE! Versioning: each report now shows which version of the Advaita Knowledgebase was used to annotate the sample. Outdated reports may be updated when viewing Report Info: either on the Reports page or from within the report itself. As is true for other Advaita applications, only the report owner may update it.


  • Updated to use AKB v1702