Pathway Analysis of High-Priority Variants

The Pathway Analysis module in iVariantGuide allows you to explore the pathways that are impacted by high-priority variants. See how you can use this powerful module to identify biological links between variants or make [...]

Pathway Analysis of High-Priority Variants2018-08-25T08:51:31-04:00

Case v. Control in iVariantGuide Webinar

In this video, Dr. Cordelia Ziraldo walks you through the steps needed to do a Case v Control analysis in iVariantGuide using RNAseq-based variant data in breast cancer subtypes. Dr. Ziraldo shows you how [...]

Case v. Control in iVariantGuide Webinar2018-08-25T08:53:58-04:00

Gene Ontology Analysis for Variants in iVariantGuide

Gene Ontology (or GO) Analysis identifies the biological processes, molecular functions, and cellular components that are likely affected by your high-priority variants. See how iVariantGuide leverages state-of-the-art algorithms to drill down to the specific [...]

Gene Ontology Analysis for Variants in iVariantGuide2018-08-25T09:00:08-04:00

Filtering Variants in iVariantGuide

iVariantGuideā€™s dynamic, graphical filters help you take your variant analysis to the next level. Find hidden correlations when visualizations of every annotation source update with every new selection you make. [...]

Filtering Variants in iVariantGuide2018-08-25T08:57:02-04:00