Is this you?

  • You provide expert bioinformatics services to your organization
  • You have great analysts in your group, but not enough of them
  • Your organization does extremely important work in biomedical research, but you have to live on a budget
  • You do expression analysis, proteomics, epigenomics and other analyses where you need to understand the biological relevance of a gene set
  • Your customers are domain experts who love to dig into their results but don’t want to become bioinformaticists
  • You want to provide these domain experts the best possible analysis at a reasonable cost

      Read on to discover how iPathwayGuide may be perfect for your organization.

Consider your options.

Free resources like DAVID are nice, but they aren’t really free.

  • Free resources require a lot of time and effort
    • Your time and effort are required to implement analyses
    • Your time and effort are required to train customers on interpretation of results
    • Your time and effort are required to repeatedly tweak analysis results as your customers’ questions evolve (e.g. “Could you rank those results by fold change rather than p-value?”, “Could you give me uncorrected p-values rather than FDR?”)
  • Free resources may produce sub-optimal results.
    • For free resources, funding for maintenance is always challenging, so software and data get stale in a hurry
      • Gene annotation is forever evolving (a very good thing, though it means you need to update frequently)
      • If your information is even one year out of date you could be missing the most important results
    • Free resources provide inelegant reports with:
      • Challenging interpretation
      • Minimal methods reporting
      • Graphics that are not publication-ready

Ingenuity is OK, but iPathwayGuide is great! iPathwayGuide is:

  • A better product
  • At a better price
  • With a better licensing model for Cores and other service providers

Here’s how we do it.

  • More powerful interpretation (Find the needle in the haystack!)
    • Better pathway analysis: get truly significant pathways with our patented Impact Analysis
    • Better Gene Ontology analysis: find SPECIFIC and SIGNIFICANT GO terms with Elim and Weight algorithms
    • Pinpoint upstream regulators and microRNAs predicted to be active in your experiment
    • Build novel networks based on your experimental data and extensive data on gene-gene interactions
    • Easily see responses that are the same and responses that are different across experimental conditions with our meta-report
      • Quickly find biomarkers and unique signatures
      • Also perfect for integrating multi-omic studies (e.g. RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, RRBS, proteomics datasets)
  • A more convenient platform & licensing model– ideal for service providers
    • Access from anywhere (we recommend Makena Beach on Maui)
    • No limit on concurrent access– no matter how many seats you have, you can all log in at the same time.
    • Save time using our API: automatically launch iPathwayGuide analyses at the end of your existing pipelines
    • Unlimited sharing of reports with domain experts (your customers– who don’t need a subscription!)
    • Print an automatically-generated PDF of each analysis that is an outstanding executive summary
      • Perfect for the over-committed PI
    • Embedded help videos that explain the details of each module.
  • Better price
    • Compare our prices to Ingenuity!
    • Save even more money when you bundle iPathwayGuide with iVariantGuide
      • If you do both expression analysis and variant analysis, iPathwayGuide and iVariantGuide are the perfect pair
    • iBioGuide access is included for all registered users

But will it really save me time AND money? (Yes.)  Will my customers like it? (They will love it!)

  • Save your analysts’ time for custom projects, instead of spending it on (necessary, but rote) tasks like:
    • figure-making
    • re-analysis
  • Let your customers use their own domain expertise to interpret their data; they will:
    • be grateful to have a bigger role in their own data interpretation
    • leverage their domain expertise to find more insights
    • return to you with their next dataset
    • tell their collaborators that they love the service you provide
  • You can automatically share a beautiful analysis that your customers will love!
    • Interactive cloud-based report that your customers (domain experts) can tweak to their hearts’ content
    • Complete methods with equations and citations
    • Publication-ready graphics
    • Printable report
    • A meta-report that makes it easy to see responses that are the same and responses that are different across experimental conditions


We’d love to discuss how iPathwayGuide can make your customers (and you) happy. Give us a call or send us an email to learn more about our competitive subscription options.