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Graphical Filtering in iVariantGuide 2.02018-08-25T08:43:25-04:00

Explore all of the options for customizable graphical filtering in the brand new iVariantGuide. (2:03)

Creating New Analyses in iVariantGuide 2.02018-08-25T08:47:34-04:00

We’ve released a brand new version of iVariantGuide. Here are step by step instructions for uploading and analyzing your VCF files. (2:05)

Pathway Analysis of High-Priority Variants2018-08-25T08:51:31-04:00

The Pathway Analysis module in iVariantGuide allows you to explore the pathways that are impacted by high-priority variants. See how you can use this powerful module to identify biological links between variants or make new functional hypotheses and design experiments to test them.

Case v. Control in iVariantGuide Webinar2018-08-25T08:53:58-04:00

In this video, Dr. Cordelia Ziraldo walks you through the steps needed to do a Case v Control analysis in iVariantGuide using RNAseq-based variant data in breast cancer subtypes. Dr. Ziraldo shows you how to identify which systems (pathways, biological processes, molecular functions, and cellular components) and the mechanisms that may be implicated in these breast cancer subtypes.

Gene Ontology Analysis for Variants in iVariantGuide2018-08-25T09:00:08-04:00

Gene Ontology (or GO) Analysis identifies the biological processes, molecular functions, and cellular components that are likely affected by your high-priority variants. See how iVariantGuide leverages state-of-the-art algorithms to drill down to the specific biological phenomena relevant to your data.

Filtering Variants in iVariantGuide2018-08-25T08:57:02-04:00

iVariantGuideā€™s dynamic, graphical filters help you take your variant analysis to the next level. Find hidden correlations when visualizations of every annotation source update with every new selection you make.

How to Input Variant Data2018-08-25T08:58:15-04:00
Getting started with iVariantGuide (3:15)2018-08-25T08:59:23-04:00
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