iVariantGuide Webinars2020-08-23T11:43:01-04:00

iVariantGuide Webinars

iVariantGuide Application Overview Webinar2018-08-25T09:11:29-04:00
Finding Significance in your Variant Data2018-08-25T09:10:03-04:00
Webinar: iVariantGuide for Service Providers2018-08-25T09:06:20-04:00


In a 45-minute presentation, Dr. Cordelia Ziraldo recently covered all how service providers and core facilities are taking advantage of the all-new iVariantGuide: from interactive reporting to automatically-generated PDFs; from graphical filters to pathway and GO analysis, and so much more. Follow the link to watch the webinar and see what iVariantGuide can do for you.

Case v. Control in iVariantGuide Webinar2020-07-07T15:46:18-04:00

In this video, Dr. Cordelia Ziraldo walks you through the steps needed to do a Case v Control analysis in iVariantGuide using RNAseq-based variant data in breast cancer subtypes. Dr. Ziraldo shows you how to identify which systems (pathways, biological processes, molecular functions, and cellular components) and the mechanisms that may be implicated in these breast cancer subtypes.

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