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Make sure the odds are in your favor.

By |September 8, 2021|iPathwayGuide|

​In the world of bioinformatics, we all need to be careful when analyzing our data. I receive countless questions about what reference set should be used when analyzing gene expression or protein expression data. If you are thinking “what’s a [...]

10 Criteria for Extraordinary Bioinformatics

By |September 26, 2020|Webinar|

Now more than ever, bioinformatics analysis is crucial for the success of almost any life science research program How do you take the right approach for your question and your data? Do you: Choose the approach or software [...]

Evaluation Criteria for Extraordinary Bioinformatics

By |September 22, 2020|Survey|

We’re conducting a 7-minute survey to better understand how life scientists are approaching their data analysis. To show our appreciation, those who successfully complete it will be entered to win a pair of wireless earbuds (your choice of AirPods or [...]

About Advaita Bioinformatics

Advaita Bioinformatics is a leader in the interpretation of high-throughput biomedical data including variant interpretation, pathway analysis, disease subtype discovery and integration of multiple data types. Currently, 9 of the top 10 pharma companies rely on Advaita’s state-of-the-art algorithms to solve complex problems. Advaita was founded by Sorin Draghici, a professor at Wayne State University, and provides a suite of advanced analysis software to more that 13,000 registered users worldwide: iPathwayGuide, for functional interpretation of genes and proteins; iVariantGuide, for genetic variant analysis; and iBioGuide, a search engine revealing connections between genes, pathways, SNPs, drugs, and more. Sorin Draghici is also the CEO of Advaita Bioinformatics.

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