Advaita Bioinformatics is announcing a new release of iPathwayGuide, the world’s most advanced RNA-seq and gene expression analysis software. This release includes unprecedented gene network analysis and literature mining capabilities. The newly added network analysis capabilities allow the scientists to discover previously unknown mechanisms that explain the conditions they study. Furthermore, the analysis is able to discover precise sequences of signals that link the differentially expressed genes to specific biological processes or cellular components, as well as identify genes that act as gatekeepers, influencers, or hubs. This release of iPathwayGuide continues Advaita’s mission of empowering the individual researcher, the core facility, the biotech or pharmaceutical company with novel ways to quickly find biomarkers, identify impacted pathways, and pinpoint putative mechanisms.

“The new network analysis capabilities and the literature mining add to the existing industry-leading impact analysis to provide the most comprehensive and power analysis capabilities available today bar none” said Sorin Draghici, Advaita’s CEO. “The impact analysis Advaita introduced several years ago continues to be the most comprehensive and accurate analysis today inasmuch it takes into consideration the position and type of every gene, as well as the direction and type of every signal on every known pathway. The newly added capability to discover new mechanisms that explain how the differentially expressed genes affect a given biological process have received rave reviews from our customers” added Draghici.

iPathwayGuide enables researchers to analyze results of RNA-Seq, microarrays, or other gene or protein expression experiments to identify the pathways, biological processes, molecular functions and cellular components that are implicated in a given phenotype. In addition, iPathwayGuide provides sophisticated meta-analysis capabilities, as well as the ability to identify active microRNAs from mRNA data. The already very comprehensive Advaita Knowledge Base was enhanced in this release by the addition of 28,353,480 peer-reviewed references, 7,705,042 protein-protein interactions, and 401,213 supporting experiments.

Because iPathwayGuide is cloud-based, after the genes, fold change values, and p-values are uploaded the results come back within minutes saving researchers an enormous amount of time. This release builds upon Advaita’s mission of providing extremely accurate and comprehensive RNA-seq and gene expression results and reports very quickly.

About Advaita Bioinformatics:
Advaita Bioinformatics helps principal investigators, core facilities, and enterprise bioinformatics teams analyze gene expression data (e.g. RNA-Seq or microarray) and variant data (e.g. DNA-Seq) to find biomarkers, identify impacted pathways, and pinpoint putative mechanisms. Currently, this frustrating process is slow, unreliable, expensive, and often requires multiple disjointed tools, which then provide irrelevant or incorrect results. While other solutions drop a haystack of results on you, Advaita’s advanced analysis leads the researchers straight to the needle.