Inqaba Biotechnical Industries partners with Advaita Bioinformatics to provide advanced pathway analysis software in Sub-Saharan Africa

ANN ARBOR, MI – October 14, 2019— Advaita Bioinformatics, the leader in the interpretation of high-throughput biomedical data, today announced a new distribution partnership with Inqaba Biotechnical Industries. inqaba biotec chose Advaita’s iPathwayGuide and iVariantGuide to better serve their customers as well as for their in-house needs.

“This much-welcomed partnership will serve our growing customer base with their ever-increasing need for superior data analysis. This is what our customers demand,” said Bioinformatics Solutions Manager at inqaba biotec, Dr. Hamilton Ganesan. He went on to say, “Advaita’s platform has everything our customers need to efficiently and rapidly extract profound insights from their data and at a fraction of the cost relative to competitor products, which is a great bonus. We are thrilled to have found such advanced pathway and variant analysis software of this caliber that’s so affordable, hence more accessible to our science community.”

Advaita’s platform helps principal investigators, core facilities, and bioinformatics teams analyze very large RNA-Seq or protein datasets and DNA-Seq variant data to find biomarkers, identify impacted pathways, and pinpoint putative mechanisms. Historically this process was slow, unreliable, expensive, and often required multiple disjointed tools leading to irrelevant or incorrect results. Advaita’s proprietary algorithms modernize this process with solutions designed to provide superior results at a lower price, simplify collaboration across labs, and generate beautiful publication-ready graphics.

Said Advaita CEO Sorin Draghici: “We are proud to partner with an innovative, industry-leading organization like Inqaba in order to expand our offering to yet another continent. This is another example of an international distributor recognizing the value we can provide to their customers, as well as to their bottom line.


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Advaita provides its industry-leading bioinformatics platforms to over 17,000 registered users worldwide: iPathwayGuide, for functional interpretation of genes and proteins; iVariantGuide, for genetic variant analysis; and iBioGuide, a search engine revealing connections between genes, pathways, SNPs, drugs, and more. Currently, 9 of the top 10 pharma companies rely on Advaita’s state-of-the-art algorithms to solve complex problems.


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Inqaba Biotechnical Industries (Pty) Ltd, trading as inqaba biotec™ in Sub-Saharan Africa, is a unique South African Genomics company, established in 2002. inqaba biotec provides a wide array of products and services to the life sciences market. Services include, Sanger DNA sequencing, Primer Synthesis, Animal Genetics, SNP Genotyping and of course, Next-Generation sequencing services hence the need for a reputable analysis services company to support our growing customer base. inqaba biotec operates across the African continent, having registered subsidiaries in East and West Africa.


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