Methylprednisolone effective in treating critically ill patients

We recently announced that Advaita’s advanced AI platform, iPathwayGuide, has identified an existing drug with clinical efficacy against COVID-19.

An independent clinical study undertaken at HFHS and led by Dr. Mayur S. Ramesh, has shown in a cohort of over 200 patients that a short course of methylprednisolone was able to significantly reduce transfers to ICU, requirements for ventilation, as well as mortality. A  paper has been submitted  to a leading journal for peer-review.

In addition to the paper submitted for peer-review, we intend to  make all data, as well as the results of the analysis available in iPathwayGuide. If you are interested to access these data and the analysis, subscribe to our newsletter which will be used to announce when these are made available, as well as provide the details on how to access the data. Your contact information will not be shared with anyone.

Please note that this drug will not prevent infection and will not kill the virus. This is expected to be used only in severe cases, in a hospital setting, and should be administered only if deemed necessary by an attending physician.

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