Friday May 24, 2019

Dear friends,

Our world-class pathway analysis software, iPathwayGuide, is now 5 years old! At this special moment, I would like to pass along some news and changes that I know you will want to hear.

Extended capabilities

As you probably noticed, the market-leading iPathwayGuide has been vastly extended in recent months, further increasing its lead. I am very pleased to announce these major updates:

  • The Advaita Knowledge Base now includes 213,390 genes, 955 pathways, 44,976 GO terms, 4,791 drugs, 1,933 diseases, 5,710 miRNAs, and 3,161,730 references.
  • We significantly improved iPathwayGuide’s pathway analysis capabilities with the addition of de novo network analysis and upstream regulator analysis. iPathwayGuide continues to lead the field in pathway analysis (identification of impacted pathways, putative mechanism, inferred microRNA activity, etc.) and Gene Ontology analysis. Now, with the addition of capabilities for building and annotating novel networks, you no longer need to license separate network building or analysis software (e.g. GeneGO or IPA). In addition, based on your data, you can generate novel hypotheses on upstream regulators that are likely to be active in your experiment.
  • Updates to iPathwayGuide’s meta-report capabilities now make it ideal for integrating multiple data types. You can now assay changes at various levels: gene expression, protein abundance, methylation, mutation load, transcription factor/histone occupancy, etc., and easily see the responses that are consistent and those that are not consistent across data types, as well as identify how changes at one level may affect other levels.

Licensing changes

I also want to inform you about two minor changes to our licensing model. These changes will allow us to better meet the needs of all of our users and continue to provide the greatest value for the best analysis. These changes will take effect for new licenses or renewals purchased after June 15th 2019. Of course, we will honor all our existing subscriptions as they were at the time the subscription was purchased.

  • The cost of a single analysis will be changed to $287. This goes to cover our own costs associated with analyzing a data set including the new capabilities and newly added data. We provide the single analysis option for first-time users who wish to try our platform by analyzing a data set of their own. We do not recommend using single analyses for any research project  you are serious about. For a more complete discussion of the single analysis use vs subscription see:

  • The maximum number of analyses allowed on 90-day and 1-year individual lab licenses will be 20 and 75, respectively. The prices will remain unchanged at this time. We do not expect this change to affect very many of you, as it is only very rarely that a single PI lab generates more than 2 datasets a week on a consistent basis throughout the year.
  • We have also introduced a new “site” license model meant for cores, libraries, multi-investigator laboratories, universities and other institutions with larger needs. Site licenses are in great demand now, as institutions across the country have identified iPathwayGuide as the premier platform for their analysis needs. Our flexible licensing model, customized to the needs of each institution, is priced based on the number of users and expected usage.

As until now, usage is free for users who receive shared analyses from licensed subscribers. These domain experts are very important Advaita users who do not upload datasets – but they get great value from the platform by performing sophisticated analyses (e.g. novel mechanism discovery, identification of upstream regulators, and finding biomarkers) at no additional cost. In essence, a subscriber can submit one input data set and have a whole team of domain experts investigating hypotheses, interpreting mechanisms on pathways, and making sure nothing is missed! This feature of our license also empowers the principal investigators to perform sophisticated analyses and develop novel hypotheses themselves, by working with iPathwayGuide after their data has been submitted to our platform by their core or bioinformatician collaborators.

I want to thank you for using iPathwayGuide, iVariantGuide and iBioGuide. We are very proud of the world-class capabilities offered by our AdvaitaBio platform. Without our users and the great work that you do, we would not be able to provide the tools that we do. I welcome you to reach out to me at any time with any questions or concerns you have about this or anything else.

Many thanks,

Sorin Draghici, PhD


Advaita Bioinformatics