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Evaluation Process

Many of our current customers have used the following process to evaluate Advaita software.

  1. Start with scientific consultation: talk to an experienced Advaita scientist about your research goals and challenges
  2. Register to access several demo datasets to explore Advaita software capabilities
  3. Get a demonstration of one of our products, specifically designed to address your goals and challenges from Step #1
  4. Read a case study or talk to an Advaita reference account
  5. Formulate your needs in terms of number of seats, number of analyses expected, etc.
  6. Get a quote on software costs then issue a purchase order (if required)
  7. Gain access to analyze your own data and training resources
  8. Use the software with your own research data
  9. Become an Extraordinary Advaita reference account

At any time during the above process until step 7 either party can determine that there is not a good fit and end the evaluation and part company on friendly terms.

Advaita Customers

We serve life scientists and bioinformatics analysts who work in core facilities, service providers, enterprise bioinformatics teams, and as principal investigators.

Our customers trust us to help them find extraordinary insight in their gene expression data. You, too, can be among the scientists who rely on us for extraordinary bioinformatics.

AdvaitaBio Bioinformatics Customers and Partners

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We recognize that scientists prefer to start their evaluation journey in different ways. Here are some choices. However, talking to a scientist is the best option. Scroll down to request a consultation.

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