Today, Advaita Bioinformatics received a Notice of Award from the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) for a Phase II Small Business Investigational Research (SBIR) grant worth $1.76M over three years. Advaita is a leader in the development of methods for the analysis of gene expression data in the context of signaling and metabolic pathways. This award follows a Phase I award issued in September 2013.

This project’s aims are focused on developing and implementing a new method to identify subtypes of disease and subgroups of patients within disease phenotypes, identifying biological pathway signatures for specific diseases, and identifying pathway signatures for drugs with the aim of drug repurposing.

Andrew Olson, Vice President of Business Development at Advaita, said, “We are very grateful to the NIH and NIGMS to receive this funding. We are at an inflection point in the industry where whole genome sequencing is quickly becoming a standard of care in some of the most difficult diseases. The technology we are developing here will allow researchers and doctors to better understand which mechanisms are at work for a particular disease and which drug would be best suited to treat it.”

Advaita is already working under a $2.2M Phase II Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant from NIGMS awarded in 2011 to developed advanced pathway analysis research methodologies. Advaita’s leadoff software application, Pathway-Guide, has gained wide acceptance at a number highly esteemed research institutions including Harvard University, Columbia University and the Medical University of South Carolina.

Advaita’s offices are located in Plymouth, Michigan and currently employs 9 full-time staff. Read more about Advaita at