Framingham, MA — SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, today announced an exclusive reseller agreement with Advaita Bioinformatics, a leader in the development of bioinformatic solutions for multi-omic biological data, that will allow SCIEX to sell Advaita licenses of iPathwayGuide, as part of the OneOmics™ project. Under the agreement, Advaita’s web-based application for Pathway Impact Analysis, provides SCIEX’s customers with access to iPathwayGuide, to interpret SWATH® Acquisition based next-generation proteomics (NGP) data, at a systems biology level, and integrates with other ‘omics’ data in a cloud computing environment.The OneOmics project’s goal is to eliminate informatics barriers that exist between different Omics disciplines and is an exclusive partnership between Illumina and SCIEX that integrates SWATH next-gen proteomics based NGP and next-generation sequencing (NGS) data on the BaseSpace® cloud computing environment.

Only SWATH Acquisition addresses gaps previously found in data research and Advaita’s iPathwayGuide allows researchers to perform high quality impact analysis using fold change results of mRNA (transcriptomics) or proteins (proteomics) and align results to assess correlations between the two data sets with publication-ready visualizations and literature references. Previously, integrating these types of results was a manual process and prone to false positives, making it difficult to reach meaningful conclusions. The powerful statistics integral to the iPathwayGuide workflow simplifies the process of finding real biological insights from integrated proteomics and transcriptomics data sets, and will help to advance biomarker discovery and disease research.

Additionally, SWATH Acquisition solves the “missing data problem” wherein traditional “shotgun” proteomics measures an incomplete set of proteins that are difficult to reproduce. SWATH Acquisition makes reproducible proteome research feasible across many samples and is further enhanced through integration with Illumina NGS technologies.

“Omics disciplines are converging and increasingly researchers are finding that, despite impressive advances in specific fields of genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, the answers to complex biological questions, cannot be answered by any one discipline alone,” said Aaron Hudson, Senior Director of Academic and Clinical Research Business at SCIEX. “SCIEX is committed to providing complete multi-omic workflow solutions for its customers, taking customers from sample to biology. This exclusive partnership with Advaita will give researchers the ability to quickly integrate genomics and proteomics results, leading to a greater understanding of systems biology.”

“Advaita was founded with the passion for providing easy-to-use advanced bioinformatics tools to analyze complex high-throughput data,” said Sorin Draghici, CEO and founder of Advaita. “This partnership with SCIEX brings expertise from both sides to offer our advanced insights on the latest proteomics workflows that were not possible previously.”

The OneOmics project addresses challenges in life science research related to managing and processing exceptionally large data sets, integrating results from diverse and complex multi-omics experiments, and enabling easy and secure collaboration on “Big Data” sets around the world.

At the HUPO 2015 Annual World Congress this week, SCIEX and Advaita will demonstrate how their technologies work to derive biological meaning from proteomics data, as well as achieving other data insights, and they will present scientific posters.

Learn more about the OneOmics Project.

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