Now more than ever, bioinformatics analysis is crucial for the success of almost any life science research program

How do you take the right approach for your question and your data?

Do you:

    1. Choose the approach or software used in the most recently published paper?
    2. Choose the approach or software that has the most citations?
    3. Phone a friend?
    4. Try everything you can find until you get an answer you like from your data?

Let us show you a better way. Over decades working directly with life scientists, we have seen and done thousands of analyses and know what works and where the pitfalls are.

We also recently surveyed hundreds of researchers for their best practices. We have distilled both our experience and our recent findings into 10 criteria you can use to assess any approach to bioinformatics.

Who this is for

This webinar is for life scientists, bioinformatics analysts at core facilities, and enterprise bioinformatics teams. Whether you are new to the field or very experienced, you will gain insights you can apply to your research and analysis to get better results, save time, frustration, and ultimately money.

What you will learn

We will show you 10 criteria you can use to evaluate any bioinformatics approach, and tell you how to use each one effectively.

Be confident that you’re getting the right results on the first try.

Webinar Date & Time

  • Tuesday, October 13, 2020

  • 2:00-3:00 PM EDT

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