Question: I went back to analyses that I had previously paid for, opened them and a warning came up for indicated that the analyses were “deprecated” so I hit the re-analyze button only to find that the files are now locked and require payment to open. What is going on and how do I access the analysis I already paid for?
We periodically update our knowledge base with the latest annotations and references. This is necessary in order to offer our users an analysis that uses the most recent knowledge available. This in fact, is one of the main value points that we provide to our users. Just to give you an idea, the sheer data available now is approximatively 4 times larger than what we had 18 months ago. Furthermore, brand new analysis capabilities are added all the time. For instance, during the past year alone we added an extremely powerful network analysis which is able to discover new mechanisms, as well as a very sophisticated upstream regulator analysis. If you have not seen these yet, it would be worth your time to schedule a 30 min phone call for us to show these to you.
When new knowledge becomes available, our platform lets you know by marking your existing analyses as “deprecated”. Thus, you are aware that they are not based on the latest knowledge available in the field. It is better to find this out from us, rather than from the reviewers of your grant or paper pointing out that your analysis does not mention such and such recent discovery. You original analysis is still fully available to you. You can simply close the warning messages at the top by clicking the X symbol at the top left, immediately to the left of the analysis title. Every single piece of information will still be there, as you saw it when the analysis was first performed.
When new knowledge or new analysis capabilities become available, you may or may not choose to analyze the data again, using the latest knowledge and capabilities available. Please keep in mind that updating an existing analysis involves a resubmission of the original data and a complete re-analysis of that data from scratch. If you choose do resubmit the data for a new analysis and you have a valid subscription, this additional analysis will incur no additional cost but it will count as part of your analyses. However, if your subscription has expired, you will need to either renew it or pay for the individual analyses that you wish to have done.

Here is a step-by-step guide to find your old analysis:

  1. Click on the little “i” icon to the right of your file. That “i” stands for information:

2. In the pop-up window, select the previous version you wish to open and click on the date. That will open that particular set of analysis results: