What kind of files can I upload?

iPathwayGuide supports analysis of Human, mouse, and rat. It supports the following files formats: CuffDiff DESeq ​EdgeR SAS/JMP Genomics nSolver (NanoString Technologies) Generic tab delimited .txt file (must contain gene symbol or uniprot ID, [...]

What kind of files can I upload?2018-10-13T11:06:51-04:00

I loaded a CuffDiff file but I cannot see it.

Please make sure your are using the "...gene_exp.diff" file that comes from CuffLinks. There are some applications that claim to emulate CuffDiff output (e.g. Galaxy). If you are using one of these applications, please make [...]

I loaded a CuffDiff file but I cannot see it.2019-01-10T19:41:19-04:00

How long does an analysis take?

Generally, each analysis takes about 15 minutes to complete. If there are other analyses queued ahead of yours, it may take a bit longer. You will receive an email as soon as the analysis is [...]

How long does an analysis take?2018-08-22T08:40:42-04:00

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, there are a few ways that you can experience all of the functionalities of iPathwayGuide. We provide several demo analyses that are automatically shared when you register for a free account. These datasets cover [...]

Do you offer a free trial?2018-11-02T08:37:57-04:00

Can I share a report?

Yes! From the dashboard, just click share on any completed report. Then enter the email address for the person you wish to share it with. If they do not have an account, they will be [...]

Can I share a report?2018-08-22T08:49:40-04:00

What browsers do you support?

iPathwayGuide is designed to work with all the latest major browser platforms: Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari (Mac only, iOS not supported yet) Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - Some image download capabilities may not [...]

What browsers do you support?2018-08-22T08:51:10-04:00

Do you have a sample files I can try?

iPathwayGuide works with the most popular differential expression files. Some 3rd party emulators (e.g. Galaxy) may structure their data slightly differently. Click on the sample files below to see the structure of these files. [...]

Do you have a sample files I can try?2018-10-13T11:09:13-04:00
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