It is a great idea to use the software and explore the capabilities before making a purchase. The way to do this is to create a free account on our web site Once you create an account, you will have full access to several analysis results. These datasets cover a range of experiment types, conditions, and analysis outcomes. You will be able to fully use the software to explore these data sets in whichever way you choose. You will have full access to interact with all of the demo analyses and experience all of the features of iPathwayGuide. We also provide sample data files, which will show you some of the formats that can be used to upload data for analysis.  An alternative would be to setup a time and let one of us to show you around the software. You will learn more in a much shorter time, and you will also be able to get immediate answers to any questions you may have.

Once you get oriented with the software, if  you want to see an analysis of your own data, we offer the possibility of purchasing a single analysis. We need to charge for this because we use a backend cloud platform that costs us money for every analysis done. The price of a single analysis is meant to cover these costs. The price of the single analysis is USD 287, as of June 15th, 2019. Please see more details at A single analysis can be purchased with PayPal by clicking the Purchase button next to it.
Any analysis provides a full interactive report that you can use to further explore your results in many ways, including discovering mechanisms. The interactive report can be shared with others at no additional cost. The price also includes a PDF report that many of our users use as the Methods or Supplementary Materials in their published peer-reviewed articles. This automatically-generated PDF contains a full description of your input data, experiment, methods, results with figures, and references.
Once you see the capabilities of iPathwayGuide in action, we strongly suggest that you get a subscription rather than continue to purchase one analysis at a time. We will gladly refund the price of any single analyses done in the 30 days prior to ordering a subscription.  See the blog discussing single analysis vs. subscriptions at: