Yes, there are a few ways that you can experience all of the functionalities of iPathwayGuide. We provide several demo analyses that are automatically shared when you register for a free account. These datasets cover a range of experiment types, conditions, and analysis outcomes. You have full access to interact with all of the demo analyses and experience all of the features of iPathwayGuide. We also provide sample data files, which allows you to try out the data intake process before uploading your own data.

You can analyze a complete experiment for only $149. This will provide a full interactive report that you can use to further explore your results in many ways, including discovering mechanisms. The interactive report can be shared with others at no additional cost. The price also includes a PDF report that many of our users use as the Methods or Supplementary Materials in their published peer-reviewed articles. This automatically-generated PDF contains a full description of your input data, experiment, methods, results with figures, and references.