Citing iPathwayGuide

Using Advaita Bio’s products or content for any form of publication (e.g. print, electronically) requires researchers to cite them. Please use one of the options below for citations:

• “The Data (significantly impacted pathways, biological processes, molecular interactions, miRNAs, SNPs, etc.) were analyzed using Advaita Bio’s iPathwayGuide ( This software analysis tool implements the ‘Impact Analysis’ approach that takes into consideration the direction and type of all signals on a pathway, the position, role and type of every gene, etc., as described in (Draghici, 2007, Tarca, 2008, Donato, 2013, Ahsan 2018).”

A systems biology approach for pathway level analysis

S Draghici, P Khatri, AL Tarca, K Amin, A Done, C Voichita, C Georgescu, …
Genome research 17 (10), 1537-1545

Analysis and correction of crosstalk effects in pathway analysis

M Donato, Z Xu, A Tomoiaga, JG Granneman, RG MacKenzie, R Bao, …
Genome research 23 (11), 1885-1893

A novel signaling pathway impact analysis

AL Tarca, S Draghici, P Khatri, SS Hassan, P Mittal, J Kim, CJ Kim, …
Bioinformatics 25 (1), 75-8
Identifying significantly impacted pathways and putative mechanisms with iPathwayGuide

S Ahsan, S Drăghici
Current protocols in bioinformatics 57 (1), 7.15. 1-7.15. 30
If you need more explanations on how the method works or if you ever get any questions from the reviewers about the analysis, we will be happy to help preparing the response to reviewers.