Citing iPathwayGuide

Using Advaita Bio’s products or content for any form of publication (e.g. print, electronically) requires researchers to cite them. Please use one of the options below for citations:

• “The Data (significantly impacted pathways, biological processes, molecular interactions, miRNAs, SNPs, etc.) were analyzed using Advaita Bio’s iPathwayGuide (”

• “This software analysis tool implements the ‘Impact Analysis’ 1 approach that takes into consideration the direction and type of all signals on a pathway, the position, role and type of every gene, etc., as described in (Draghici, 2007, Donato, 2013).”

¹Sorin Draghici, Purvesh Khatri, Adi Laurentiu Tarca, Kashyap Amin, Arina Done, Calin Voichita, Constantin Georgescu, and Roberto Romero. A systems biology approach for pathway level analysis. Genome Research, 17:1537-1545, 2007.

• LaTeX users may use the following code in the bibtex file:


author = {Advaita, Corporation},
title = {Pathway Analysis with iPathwayGuide},
month = Jun,
year = {2014},
url = {}

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