On March 16, 2019, Advaita released a major update to its platform, with several major improvements to iPathwayGuide. As with all major releases, new features are available in all analyses generated after the update was released. To see new analysis modules with older analyses, please update the analysis using the button found in report information, “Re-run as new analysis.”

– NEW MODULE: Predicted Upstream Regulator Analysis allows you to find genes that have regulatory interactions consistent with expression patterns in DE genes. Several parts of the application were updated to include the new analysis module, including: Printable Report, Meta-Analysis, API, toolbar, and more.

– DE down-regulated genes are now shown as blue in the volcano plot, corresponding with the coloring used in gene bar plots, on pathways, and in networks.
– Genes data export now includes option to export all genes as TSV file— convenient for uploading to iPathwayGuide as a new analysis.
– Pathway data export now includes p-values for pORA and pAcc in addition to the combined p-value, pComb.
– Updated text of the printer-friendly report that is auto-generated with every analysis.
– Improvements to registration flow and application selection page
– Updated layout for the table of annotation sources inside the report info section. The new layout accommodates sources for Network Analysis and Predicted Upstream Regulator Analysis.

– Registration page layout is fixed for the newest version of Chrome browsers
– Tooltips are now more responsive and more visible in iPathwayGuide
– Fixed a bug in network analysis causing long GO terms to spill out of their boxes
– Fixed a bug affecting the navigation bar display on smaller screens