iPathwayGuide Release Notes – Spring 2019

On March 16, 2019, Advaita released a major update to its platform, with several major improvements to iPathwayGuide. As with all major releases, new features are available in all analyses generated after the update was [...]

iPathwayGuide Release Notes – Spring 20192019-04-02T19:42:23-04:00

Release Notes – Winter 2018

On January 12, 2018, Advaita released a major update to its platform, with improvements to iPathwayGuide, iVariantGuide, and iBioguide. IMPROVEMENTS The Advaita Knowledgebase was updated to version 1711 and now includes: 3 organisms: homo sapiens, [...]

Release Notes – Winter 20182019-03-22T19:55:37-04:00

Winter 2017 Release Notes

On February 27, 2017, Advaita released a major updates to its platform. These are the release notes. ‚Äč IMPROVEMENTS TO: iPathwayGuide, iVariantGuide, iBioguide, and the Advaita Knowledge Base Changes to AWS services in preparation [...]

Winter 2017 Release Notes2018-08-25T09:59:16-04:00

Spring 2016 Release – June 19, 2016

The following components were added or addressed in this release. Extensive databases updates including: KEGG pathways, drugs, and diseases NCBI genes TargetScan miRNAs Gene Ontologies PubMed references New EdgeR import format support Improvements to several [...]

Spring 2016 Release – June 19, 20162018-08-22T11:43:46-04:00

Summer 2015 Release – July 13, 2015

The following components were added: Support for Sciex SWATH 2.0 Proteomics Expression data "Trash" bin on user dashboard Pathway and ontology images are now locked for scrolling. They can be unlocked in the on-screen menu. [...]

Summer 2015 Release – July 13, 20152018-08-22T11:45:49-04:00

Spring 2015 Release – April 13, 2015

Knowledge Base Updates: Genes - 195,222 (increase of 23,106) Pathways - 871 (increase of 12) micro RNAs - 8,837 (increase of 5,268) GO Terms - 39,907 (increase of 1,880) Drugs - 4,389 (increase of 229) [...]

Spring 2015 Release – April 13, 20152018-08-22T11:48:00-04:00
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