What terms can I search for?

iBioGuide connects several databases and their annotated contents. As such, iBioGuide will perform best if you use life-science terms such as genes, diseases, biological process, etc. ​

What terms can I search for?2018-08-23T10:21:34-04:00

Can I filter my results?

Yes. Results are delivered in a global sense, but can quickly be narrowed to a specific domain by clicking one of the filters at the top of the page or selecting a specific organism.

Can I filter my results?2018-08-23T10:16:55-04:00

How is iBioGuide different from iPathwayGuide?

iBioGuide is meant to allow users to browse relationships between various biological entities and concepts. iPathwayGuide is designed to identify which entitles and systems are impacted in the context of experimental data.

How is iBioGuide different from iPathwayGuide?2018-08-23T10:19:55-04:00