Getting Started with iPathwayGuide

1.    iPathwayGuide expects the following three items in your differential expression input file: Gene Symbol Log Fold Change P-value (adjusted P-value recommended) 2.    iPathwayGuide accepts several file formats for RNA-Seq, microarrays, and proteomic profiling. [...]

Getting Started with iPathwayGuide2019-12-02T10:39:47-05:00

Disease Analysis

Disease Analysis The differential expression data can yield insights on potential diseases enriched in the sample data. Such conclusions can be drawn by observing the number of differentially expressed genes or proteins in your [...]

Disease Analysis2018-08-22T09:51:57-04:00

Understanding Gene Ontology

Gene Ontology Gene Ontology (GO) is a dynamic, structured, precisely defined, controlled vocabulary used to describe the roles of genes and gene products along with their hierarchical structure in any organism. [...]

Understanding Gene Ontology2019-07-17T12:09:26-04:00

Uploading Affymetrix CEL files in iPathwayGuide

iPathwayGuide – Affy CEL file uploading Affymetrix microarrays are one of the most widely used gene expression platforms in the industry. iPathwayGuide supports the most common platforms. Look at the FAQ for [...]

Uploading Affymetrix CEL files in iPathwayGuide2018-08-22T10:04:47-04:00