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Using iBioGuide

iBioGuide is a free browser and search tool based on Advaita’s extensive knowledge base of over 100 million relationships. Search for any term and find all the related genes, microRNAs, pathways, biological processes, molecular functions, cellular components, drugs, diseases, and references.

Example 1: You are interested in identifying the pathways associated with the CDK4 gene. Enter the gene symbol and find a list of related pathways. Exploring any one of the pathways allows you to see the genes that interact with CDK4 and the miRNAs and drugs that target them along with relevant references.

Example 2: You are interested in learning about the regulation of cell cycle process. Enter this as your search term and discover the various entities related to this process. Exploring one of the GO terms, you quickly identify the genes annotated to the process and the miRNAs and drugs that target these genes and possibly this processes.

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