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Bober, P., Tomková, Z., Alexovič, M., Ropovik, I., & Sabo, J. (2019). The unfolded protein response controls endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis of MCF-7 cells via a high dose of vitamin C treatment. Molecular biology reports, 1-10. [...]

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The Science of Impact Analysis

Most existing pathway analysis methods focus on either the number of differentially expressed genes observed in a given pathway (enrichment analysis methods), or on the correlation between the pathway [...]

The Science of Impact Analysis2018-10-13T11:16:39-04:00

Why do I need to correct my p-values?

Hi there. Advaita is dedicated to bringing you the most advanced, easiest-to-use bioinformatics tools out there. And that includes educational materials designed to help you take advantage of all the powerful features we offer, [...]

Why do I need to correct my p-values?2019-06-14T17:00:35-04:00

When did you do your last background check?

​In the world of bioinformatics, we all need to be careful when analyzing our data. I receive countless questions about what background should be used when analyzing gene expression or protein expression data. In [...]

When did you do your last background check?2018-08-24T08:59:46-04:00
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